November: A Month for Courage

Kids on Courage from Blickenstaffs on Vimeo.

Every day, we're faced with situations that push us out of our comfort zones. Maybe it's climbing the ladder to get that box down from the garage. Maybe it's talking to a new person at work, or facing up to a mistake we made. In varying degrees, these day-to-day situations demand courage. Courage is the driving force that gets us through the scary (but necessary) experiences of life that turn us into better, braver, stronger people. When kids start practicing courage, they become more confident. They learn that they can do hard things and see that they are capable of greatness!

So this month, we want to talk about courage! We’ll explore what courage means, give some creative ideas for building courage in your family, invite you to do brave things, and share some courageous games, books, and treats we love along the way.

To start talking about courage, we thought we’d go to the source of all things brave: kids! Who else regularly swordfights dragons, parachutes off high buildings, hunts lions in safari Africa, and floats the Amazon on nothing but a raft of couch pillows?!

We put our questions to them. So gather your kids, watch this little video, then go out and do something brave together!