The Courageous Reading List


A clever list of books to teach children about true courage

I AM SO BRAVE by Stephen Krensky



A delightful book about overcoming fears. I Am So Brave encourages children to try new things. The bright graphics are both beautiful and fun. Ages 1-3


Mr. Brave by Roger Hargreaves


Being brave is more than being strong; it’s about being a true friend. We like that Mr. Brave has glasses and that he  is nice. Brave people come in all shapes and sizes. Ages 5+


My Dad is Big and Strong But... by Coralie Saudo



It takes courage to go to bed! A silly story to make your children giggle at a fun parent/child role reversal. Ages 4-8


Night Light by Kyla Ryman Artwork by Sara Woster IMG_9466

The night becomes less frightening in a book that focuses on what you can see in the dark. This simple book is designed to teach children to recognize words. Lovely artwork. Ages 3+


Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson IMG_9479

Pirates, treasure, maps, ships, secrets, all wrapped into an adventurous tale. Courage takes many forms in this book, and not always in the most expected ways. Ages 10+


The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier IMG_9496


A wonderfully spooky story about two abandoned siblings working in a creepy, crumbling English Manor. We love the way it weaves together a mesmerizing tale with a thoughtful message on courage. Ages 10+


The Call of the Wild by Jack London IMG_9486

An adventurous tale of a kidnapped dog named Buck who courageously takes on whatever comes his way. Ages 12+