Tools for Trailblazing and Creative Ideas for Outdoor Fun

"I could never resist the call of the trail"

Buffalo Bill

 Today is an adventure! The moment children step outside, magic begins to happen. We've compiled a simple list of trailblazing tools and paired them with ideas for making the outdoors an imagination adventure.

Ride into the Wild Blue Yonder

-CowboyRoundup: Round up sheep (toys) in the yard, be the sheriff and capture villains, rescue stuffed animals tied to the tracks, learn to lasso. -Horse Show: Have them do tricks (jump, twist, trot etc) on their horse. Give them a 1st place ribbon. -Kentucky Derby: Have everyone dress up in their fanciest hats and then race around the yard on your horse. -Palio de Siena: This is a famous Italian Horse race through a winding medieval city. Have everyone create their own flag. Then create an obstacle course for kids to race through and at the end give them Gelato (or ice cream). -Magic Forest: Ride your horse through an enchanted forest collecting magic items. Watch out for sinkholes, and swamp monsters.

Every Adventure Deserves a Good Meal

Every adventure needs treats. Coordinate your treats to the type of exploration. Put them in this clever reusable lunch bag to keep them cold or warm.

Pirate Booty Food: Oranges (to keep you from getting scurvy), goldfish crackers, cheese cubes (it's actually blocks of gold!), Bananas (to use as a hook), crackers (they are sea biscuits). Cowboys Grub: Beef Jerky cut into kid friendly strips (a cowboy's best friend), chocolate milk (to grow big and strong), rice krispies (it's actually a hay stack. Cowboys love eating haystacks), carrots to share with their horse. Enchanted Forest Feast Berries (you can pretend to gather them), pretzel sticks (they are actually magic fairy wands!) frosted animal cookies (frosted fairy cookies with rainbow fairy dust blown on them.) Pink lemonade (It's sunset cloud juice, only fairies can fly high enough to get it).

Become a Botanist

The Garden, forest, lawn and park, become a jungle and your child becomes an adventurous scientist. Collect plants and learn about them. Get close to bugs with your magnifying glass. Press flower and plant specimen. Take notes in a plant journal.

Cut to the Chase!

You may need a handy pocketknife along the way! The great thing about this little wooden pocketknife is that you can build it together! Also it's not hard, no glue needed, just use the pins they provide (that's a relief for those of us who were never scouts).


Treasures Untold

Gold. It's a great for almost any playtime adventure. Bury this in the sandbox. Hide it in the woods with a treasure map. Search for it in the the garden. Simple but memorable.


It's only make believe but this wooden pop gun might save your life, if for example, you encounter wild beasts, you need a gun to maintain law and order, you are a pioneer in need of buffalo meat, you are attacked by a band of hair-eating elves and need to save your ponytail, etc... You never know.

The Power of a Paper Pad

A perfect companion to trailblazing is a notepad, and it might as well be a cool notepad. Use this fun notepad to keep secret files, write short stories, jot down inspiration, sketch out a map, scrawl out secret notes, draw pictures on and so on, and on.