Traditional Tidbits: Old Farmer's Day

Farming existed in my family for generations. The same land I live on now was cultivated by my forefathers for hundreds of years. They all shaped the way the landscape looks now.

I often think about the image of those early farmers: bent over from the long hours of hard labor, wiping the sweat dripping from their brows as they completed another day of work in their fields. Those fields provided food. Those fields provided purpose. Those fields provided life.

And now I, just like them, look over the vast expanse in front of me, rejoicing at the end of my harvest. And, just like them, I, at the end of my labors, call my work good.

October 12 is Old Farmer’s Day. This is a day to celebrate and recognize the contributions that American farmers have made, still make, and will continue to make in the shaping of this country. Celebrate by eating local or thanking a farmer for the work he or she does.